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This post by Nathalie Bruls was sent to me as a comment.  It seemed like this worthwhile article needed to be presented as it’s own post, mostly because I don’t always read the comments sections of all the blogs I read.

Shadow Side

This article makes several excellent points.  Every technological or social change in culture comes at a price.  Every change brings unintended benefits and unforeseen consequences.  When they arise the question, in my view, is “Now what?”.  Turning back the clock never seems to work.  Rather we need to reaffirm the core values of our humanity and take the time to see how well any new technology or media fits those values.  I am taking a course with NTEN at the moment that reminds me that the mission of an organization using social media must be very clear, and then appropriate media can be chosen to further that mission.

In other  words, don’t just go for the next bright shiny thing. Figure out why it might be useful to a clearly defined you first.