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Over the next while I will be posting resources I stumble across or that people suggest, resources that might be useful in this reformation discussion or in letting UUs and others bring technology -gently and easily- into church life.

This fun resource is called a Wordle.  Anna Isaacs suggested it in a recent comment on this blog.  It can be used in blogs and web pages or printed for a program cover.   You might even in use it in worship services (on-line or in church) as a projected image for meditation and contemplation.  It could become an exercise in some Lifespan Learning program – rather like making a word mandala.  It’s kind of fun and has lots of uses.

It’s also dead simple and entirely free.  Go to wordle.net, , click “Create” and then type in a bunch of words and click ‘Go’.  Voila! Once it’s up you can delete some words, which rearranges the design or go back to the word list and add more.  There are colour selections and probably other features I haven’t figured out yet.  Seriously, this took five minutes of simply typing in words that seemed appropriate to this blog.  After that it was point and click till I had a format and type face I liked.  It can be printed, shared, exported and used in all sorts of ways.

(I ‘printed’ this as a pdf file then saved the pdf as a jpeg so I could post it here.  For some reason Wirdpress didn’t like their embedding code, so I did it myself.)

Have you got a favorite app or site you would like to suggest?  Add a comment or write me at brikie@aol.com.  Thanks!