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Hi all,  This post starts entirely off topic…but then comes back.

Sorry if I have been silent for awhile, but last week was Spring Break here in Alberta and, as you can see, I took my daughters to Drumheller to the world famous Royal Tyrrell Museum home of Alberta’s amazing dinosaur collection.  And as you can see from the pic, the girls were feeling some attitude having just climbed up the inside of the World’s Largest Dinosaur (86 feet high and 151 feet long) and stared through its jaws.

OK Back on Topic!

But I have been tracking some interesting posts, articles and broadcasts which I will share with you in the coming days.  I am preparing both to participate in the CUC Symposium in Ottawa in May, and working with colleagues Liz James and Meg Roberts to prepare a workshop for the Canadian ministers at the retreat which follows.  No doubt some of their insights will be working their way into this blog.

Today, I offer an article from the Winnipeg Free Press brought to my attention by Stefan Jonason via Facebook.  Seriously, ask Stefan to friend you.  Really.  His short posts on life, politics (mostly Canadian), theology, philosophy and…oh yeah, life…are always worthy of a read.  I love his stuff, but maybe it’s just cause we’re both middle aged guys.  Nonetheless, he is a UU minister who has defined one way to make social media part of his working life.  Stefan has created a simple on-line addition to his ministry that I admire.

The specific article below speaks of a Christian pastor in Winnipeg who welcomes text messages during the service and includes some rules for congregational etiquette on the practice.  It’s a whole new way of doing “Sharing Time”.  It’s not for every congregant and probably not for every minister, but it does raise provocative questions about the degree to which we let technology come inside the church.  Enjoy.

Text and a prayer.