Hi folks,

I know this is off the topic of the blog sort of, but I’ll gte to the justification in a minute.

Yesterday I preached to a small impoverished outreach fellowship in Manila.  The venue was an open air garage crammed with women and children and about 20 of us visitors from the ICUU (International Council of Unitarians and Uiversalists).  Edmonton folks: Sylvia Krogh and Alan Boyle were there too.

It was utterly joyous!

So here’s my justification:  this event was pretty cool, but as we try to puzzle out possible models for church in the future, it’s wise to think about far away cultures and what they have to offer.

The service leader this day was 12 year old Irish, a wonderful and confident young girl.  The children were fully integrated into what we would think of as an adult service from beginning to end, and all of us first worlders were inspired by them.

And here’s a clip, amateurish to be sure, but my first try at editing about 22 minutes of clips into one package.  Old dog, new tricks.  Cheers!